Saturday 1 May 2021 at 6:30pm on Zoom.

A limited number of people will be welcome to attend at our registered offices in Altona Meadows.


Proposed constitution changes

Additional services offerings


 Please email admin@rainbowclub.org.au;

for details of proposed constitutional changes,

if you intend on attending or would like to register your proxy vote.


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Rainbow Club in action
Your Rainbow Club Team

Your Rainbow Club team at a staff training day April 2021

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Rainbow Club is a "RECREATIONAL SPORTS & SOCIALCLUB" providing specialist services to its members to enable them to participate in community activities, particularly when the participant is at risk of being socially isolated.

Our members are supported to participate in recreational and sport activities such as 10 Pin Bowling, Trampolining, social events such as concerts and swimming.

Commencing in February 2010 as Rainbow Club (Point Cook Inc) Melbourne with just 4 children and 1 teacher; we now have more than 160 children in sports and social activities across multiple centers operating on four days each week, with calls to establish additional activities and services throughout Australia and beyond.

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"We always worry how the 2 kids will go with their swimming lessons after we originally signed up for lessons at the local pool but the kids were beside themselves with stress, big group, one teacher who didn't know how to handle special needs, it was a nightmare. I'm so glad to report that now the kids are with your (Rainbow Club) swim program our 2 kids are happier than ever, always excited to come each week and I also do a lot less stressing too. What a wonderful job you guys do with the scheduling and managing of the swim program, you are amazing! Thank You!!!"



"Our son WILL NOT be returning to Rainbow Club for 2018.

He has become a member of the Special Olympics Melbourne West Metro Swimming Group.

We,  as a family, would like to take this opportunity to say " an enormous THANK YOU" to the people at Rainbow Club for the tuition you have all provided to him over his time at Rainbow Club, and we wish you all continued success with your programs, he wouldn't have become the swimmer he is today without your "one on one" tuition.

Best of luck and continued success for everyone at Rainbow Club. "

"Your teachers are great and deserve the world and so do you.....

 This (photo above) was on Saturday when Nicho gave us a surprise!!! ... I was so  happy and the girls too, they do care about the kids so much... 

Love them so much!!!!"

 Pilar R

Rainbow Club (Point Cook Inc), Melbourne

Rainbow Club Melbourne