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Rainbow Club is a "RECREATIONAL SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB " providing specialist services to its members to enable them to participate in community activities, particularly when the participant is at risk of being socially isolated.

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Rainbow Club in action
Your Rainbow Club Team

Your Rainbow Club team at a staff training day April 2021


Times are tough and everyone could use a hand so Rainbow Club is giving away two (2) hours of Support Work FREE to 10 past or present members!

Just reply to support@rainbowclub.org.au to be eligible.

We will randomly choose 10 past or present members to have 2 hours of support work for free.

*NOTE: Members will be required to complete our Participant Details form.

We are here to help and we are on your side..

All member families (past or present) are welcome to call our Support Hotline on 0414384586

*Melbourne participants only.

  Randomly chosen members will be notified on Monday 26 July 2021

Support Club

Gold Coast & Melbourne

Support workers 
Register your interest NOW to use Rainbow Club’s 
Support Workers

email: support@rainbowclub.org.au

Why "My Support Club" Support Workers?

  • You.. The club member OWNS the club! You have a say in how it runs.
  • Not For Profit. All profits are used to support the members of the club.
  • 11 years getting the customer experience (mostly) right.
  • Assistance to get assistance. We will assist you to get adequate funding to cover your needs.


Please Join us at our welcoming and supportive Facebook page.


Our members are supported to participate in recreational and sport activities such as 10 Pin Bowling, Trampolining, social events such as dinners, concerts, football, swimming and more.