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This page is presented to members for your information. Below are service providers who have assisted other member families and are both recommended by member families and agreeable to have the club promote their services to members. Rainbow Club is in no way affiliated with nor gains any financial advantage nor has any opinion on any of their services nor warrants anything related to them.  If you have found a provider which is or has been helpful for you; you are welcome to inform us at and we will contact the provider and ask them if they would like to have their service promoted here. 

Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA Services helping participants realise their housing dreams by producing outstanding housing reports for their SDA applications. Greg Barry, Senior Consultant and Founder of SDA Services, has been devotedly involved in the SDA space for over 4 years, and has previously produced over 200 dwellings designed for people with disabilities. He brings 25 years of prior experience working in law and property development and is also co-carer for his severely disabled adult daughter. With this unique combination of industry expertise and personal experience, Greg has earned a reputation nationwide as a premier consultant in SDA. Greg is assisted by an excellent team. SDA Services is a very proud employer of people with disabilities.

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Sister Sensory

Hello, my name is Narelle, and my fantastic Team and I operate a Melbourne, Australia based online store supplying Sensory products and toys for children, adults and Medical Professionals covering a wide range of childhood conditions, including Autism, ADHD, Anxiety & Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and for general special needs and purposes.

I am a mother of twin boys, one of which has ADHD & SPD, and a qualified Teachers Aid and have been blessed with working and taking care of a varied and mixed group of children with all kinds of conditions and individual requirements. I have spent many years studying through work and researching Childhood Disabilities, passionately, which lead me to sourcing great quality and reasonably priced products to assist all children from all walks of life, be it with special needs, or just active.

The importance to me of being able to help other parents and carers find what they’re looking for, and provide assistance during some very challenging times, brings me great joy and pleasure. My sons and I test all our products.

Our family run Team here at SISTER SENSORY hope you find what you are looking for in our store and that we can be a great support to you all, and provide you with outstanding Professionalism and Customer Service.