I just wanted to touch base with you regarding our daughter's ongoing swimming lessons. Olivia has been doing so wonderfully & progressing so well with each lesson. It's been amazing to see how much she has learnt since day one.  Kimmie

11th December 2021                                                                             

I had the pleasure of attending ‘The Ashes’ Australia V England today at The Gabba.

As the daughter of a Queensland Transport Cricket representative in the 1950’s I have been brought up with the recipe of Cricket and the pure pleasure of the game.

My hopes of going to an ‘Ashes’ game seemed a distant dream. Today you gave me that dream through the ticket distributed to my nephew (a member of Rainbow Club)....

The 400th wicket for Nathan Lyons, the first bowled wicket for Alex Green and Alex’s runs on the board, was only topped by the joy of a cup of tea in fine bone China with cheese and biscuit and the atmosphere of ‘The Gabba’.

I wish you and the game loving scheme of social benefits many a continued year of enjoyment and the knowing that people like you do make a difference... 

I thank you once again,


"Thanks for your help today getting started with Rainbow Club...I was impressed with <<the swim instructor>>... Damian enjoyed the class and responded well with <<the instructor>>."

 Trish (parent of Damian)

Thank you so much for providing such a brilliant service. My husband tells me Lachie loved his lesson and experienced some success. From the moment he got in the pool his anxiety dropped.... we are so grateful.

The other thing lachie said is ‘I am feeling happy because I had swimming at Ringwood’. Fiona

Thomas had a great start today... I think it will be a great teacher swimship ?  Thomas growls when in fear, angry and obviously as he cant communicate. But he was all smiles ❤️  On the drive home, he repeated...Great job swimming Thomas! ?  Mum is happy !!

Hi...Just letting you know we saw Leah on Saturday, and <<our child>> loved it!
So she will be coming from now on with no issues whatsoever. I also have a boy, he's 5, he's Aspergers.I also have him at <<another swim school>> but he's really not enjoying it, and I'm just about to take him out of there permanently. They simply don't deal with his issues of sensitivity at all, they bundle him together with the other kids, and if you know anything about Aspies they really obsess over the little things. So Liam talks fine, and is in prep at a normal school, but I'd be very grateful if you'd offer him a spot at your swimming school at Laverton too, I can't help but think if he had his own teacher he'd really enjoy it....thanks again...Anita

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to thank you and your team for such a great program at the swim school. My daughter and I went for the first lesson last night with (her two children) and could not believe the results.

(The first child) has never been in a pool with people and was crying when we arrived. Within a minute with the instructor she was jumping around and really enjoying the water. She absolutely loved it and cried when she had to get out.

(The second child) has had numerous lessons at 2 different pools with no results. He would never put his head in the water. I was almost in tears watching him do all he was asked to do and just the trust that he had with his teacher was priceless! To call out to me so I could see him go right under was fantastic.


Very proud Nanna

"We always worry how the 2 kids will go with their swimming lessons after we originally signed up for lessons at the local pool but the kids were beside themselves with stress, big group, one teacher who didn't know how to handle special needs, it was a nightmare. I'm so glad to report that now the kids are with your (Rainbow Club) swim program our 2 kids are happier than ever, always excited to come each week and I also do a lot less stressing too. What a wonderful job you guys do with the scheduling and managing of the swim program, you are amazing! Thank You!!!"  Tom Davie

"Our son WILL NOT be returning to Rainbow Club for 2018.

He has become a member of the Special Olympics Melbourne West Metro Swimming Group.

We,  as a family, would like to take this opportunity to say " an enormous THANK YOU" to the people at Rainbow Club for the tuition you have all provided to him over his time at Rainbow Club, and we wish you all continued success with your programs, he wouldn't have become the swimmer he is today without your "one on one" tuition.

Best of luck and continued success for everyone at Rainbow Club. "

"Your teachers are great and deserve the world and so do you.....  This was on Saturday when Nicho gave us a surprise!!! ... I was so  happy and the girls too, they do care about the kids so much... 

Love them so much!!!!"

 Pilar R